Our funeral directors and staff wish to serve you as facilitators in designing an event that has lasting meaning and value.  We desire to provide service of the highest quality while focusing on telling the story of a life lived through the sharing of memories.

Traditional Burial

Burial or interment is the act of placing the deceased's body into a burial container, such as a casket, and laying them to rest in the earth.  Burial has been the traditional method of disposition for people all over the world, from many different cultures, for thousands of years.  Burial is often seen as a respectful farewell for the deceased as well as a means to provide a permanent place of memorialization for the survivors to visit.  

Burial has become heavily entrenched in American culture over the centuries and has only recently been challenged in popularity by cremation as a method of disposition.  Traditional burial services often include a public viewing of the body prior to a funeral ceremony and interment.  Burial services often include preparations such as embalming for the purpose of preservation and presentation of the body for services.    Often, different religions will have customs and traditions regarding preparation and disposition of the deceased's body through interment.

Our Chapel at Jeffrey A. Naughle Funeral & Cremation Center
Our Chapel at Jeffrey A. Naugle Funeral & Cremation Center

Traditional Burial Services

Funeral Service: Recognizing a life lived through the historic tradition of viewing the deceased in an open casket for a predetermined period of time.  Followed by a formal funeral ceremony typically lead by a clergy or funeral celebrant. Following the ceremony, a brief graveside service will take place at the cemetery before the casket is interred. 

Graveside Service: Recognition of a life lived by gathering at the place of interment for a committal service with clergy, funeral celebrant, or a member of our staff to lead the service.

Viewing or Visitation Only: A designated period of time with or without the casketed body present in which family and friends can gather to share memories and extend condolences without any formal service.

Additional Burial Services Provided by 

Naugle Funeral & Cremation Service

Receiving & Transfer:  When a death occurs away from home, whether out of the state or out of the country, it is often the desire of the family to have their loved one's body present for services.  Our staff will assist you by working with your out-of-town family funeral director or by making arrangements with one of our many national and international funeral service contacts to assist them in serving your needs.

Specialty Services: Our staff can help make arrangements for:

  • Purchase of cemetery or mausoleum space
  • Purchase of monuments or completion of engraving on existing monuments
  • Burial at sea
  • Disinterment/Re-Interment