Our Facilities

J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation Service proudly serving Quakertown, Pennsylvania

The Chapel

Although our chapel is not intended to compete against the reverence and respect of the church, it has been tastefully designed as an option for those who do not wish for a formal church setting. Conveniently located within the funeral home, it provides a dignified setting for family, friends and the community to gather together and pay tribute to the deceased.

Please feel free to call and we will gladly give you a tour of our funeral home and answer any questions you may have.

Our Main Chapel at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesMain Chapel: Our chapel can comfortably seat 200, or can be divided into two smaller chapels.

Main Chapel, from the right side, at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesMain Chapel (Right Side): Two large TV screens provide easy visibility for viewing of picture presentations during visitations and/or as a part of the ceremony.  These same picture presentations and the  ceremony can be projected on additional TV screens throughout the facility.

Main Chapel, from the left side, at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesMain Chapel (Left Side): Two entry ways into chapel allow for easy entry, exit & flow

The Gathering Room

This light and airy room provides a relaxing area to collect your thoughts, or reminisce with others.  We would like you to feel comfortable when receiving friends and family at the time of loss. Our home is yours. Coffee, tea and light refreshments are an option.  Our staff will ensure that your family and friends are treated with the hospitality that you would extend in your own home.

Our Gathering Room at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesGathering Room: This room provides a comfortable, less formal setting to relax, enjoy some games and read magazines.  A large TV screen provides an additional place to view the service or even watch TV.  A cooler just inside the entry way provides a generous supply of bottled water for your convenience.

Gathering Room, from the Patio Side, at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation Services Gathering Room (Patio Side): A doorway opens onto a patio, which offers a convenient  outdoor area to visit with family and friends and enjoy nature.  You may even see some deer and foxes.  If you stay inside a wall-mounted fireplace adds additional warmth and atmosphere to the room.

Gathering Room KitchenetteGathering Room (Kitchenette): This room also offers a small kitchenette equipped with a mini fridge, ice maker, dishwasher and a sink.  The large counter top provides a great surface for light food and refreshments to be served.

Crematory Facility

We are pleased to be able to offer an on-site crematorium.  This allows us to personally conduct and constantly oversee the entire cremation process.  Your loved one never leaves our care. 

The Crematorium at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesCrematorium: Having our own on-site crematory guarantees that your loved one will never leave our facility or our constant care.  We provide this service exclusively for our families.  We do not subcontract with any other funeral homes.  If families want to see their loved one placed in the cremation chamber, the window (on the right) makes that possible from the comfort of the adjacent arrangement room.

Front View of the Crematorium

Crematorium (Front View): We are thankful that we are able to have a crematory on-site and provide this service to families who request cremation.

Arrangement Room with window viewing into crematory at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation Services

Arrangement room with window viewing into crematory: If a family requesting cremation wants to see their loved one being placed in the cremation unit, they can do it from the  adjacent arrangement room. This room provides a coffee-tea station and a comfortable place to wait for the cremation to be completed ,(if they so desire).

Our Selection Room

Showroom at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation Services
Showroom (View 1)
: Our showroom does not contain full-size caskets.  By displaying sections of caskets (called 1/8 cuts)  we have the ability to "show" over 30 caskets.  You will have the ability to see the fabric, interior design and full-size picture of the caskets on display.  We also have a catalog which offers hundreds of additional caskets.

Stationary Display at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesStationary Display: We offer a variety of register books, memorial folders, prayer cards, thank you cards and complete register book sets which contain matching book, folders and thank yous.

Urn Display at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesUrn Display in Showroom:  We offer a large selection of urns ranging from jewelry and small keepsake urns to full-size and garden rock urns.

Our display also includes bio-degradable urns as well as urns for water burial.  The room also displays vaults, sundry items, such as register books, thank you cards, memorial sets, and keepsake items.

Children's Room

Children's Room at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesChildren's Room: Our children's room offers additional space for our younger guests.   It offers privacy for mothers with infants and convenience for children who just need a place to be able to play.   

Children's Room Change Area at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation ServicesChildren's Room:  This room offers a changing area for young children and a sink for easy clean up.  The room also offers a  viewing window for parents and guardians to check in on their children without disruption if necessary.

Childrens Room services at J.A. Naugle Funeral and Cremation Services

Children's Room:  The TV on the wall makes it possible to see the photo slideshow presentations and the service/ceremony live on our closed circuit TV broadcast.  We are also able to play cartoons and other age appropriate cable programming upon request.

Our Facility's....Facilities

Ladies Washroom

The Ladies Room: This room offers accommodations for those with special needs and a place to sit if you are waiting for someone.  All stalls are completely private with solid walls and full length doors.  

Men's Washroom

The Mens Room:  A wall mural with woods and deer makes this room tranquil and unique.

Family Rest RoomFamily Rest Room:  Our family restroom is designed to accommodate the needs of varying age groups and their guardians or  caregivers.  This rest room contains a child diaper changing station and is also designed to be completely ADA compliant.